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Mountaineers Books – The Don’t Get Lost Out There! Deck


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New addition to the wildly popular “Don’t! Decks” series of outdoor-tips playing cards. Features best wilderness navigation tips from the Mountaineers Books library of “how-to” information,Whether you’re safe at home, in a cozy tent, or on the trail, have fun with this deck while learning basic wilderness safety skills. The Don’t Get Lost Out There! Deck is organized into four suits. 1. Hearts: Map & Compass. Latitude and longitude, contours, scale, magnetic declination, taking a bearing, orienting a map; 2. Clubs: GPS Usage & Technology. Defining GPS, traveling with GPS, saving battery life, accuracy problems; 3. Diamonds: Wilderness Travel & Route Finding. Handrails and baselines, marking the route, visualizing the return; 4. Spades: Lost & Found. Why people get lost, what to do when lost, how to be found.


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