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AdventureKEEN – Homemade Bird Food 2e


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Find Your Recipe for Bird Watching Success. A few minutes in the kitchen can become hours of bird watching fun. Take birding to another level by creating unique dishes especially for backyard birds. This creative cookbook turns bird food into a banana split, cupcake, pie, and even tree ornaments. Each dish is perfect to tackle alone or with the whole family. Inside You’ll Find26 recipes to attract the birds you want to see Ingredients that appeal to 70+ bird species, including “hard-to-get” birds, Tips on selecting the right ingredients for the right birds. A handy chart that shows which birds dine on each dish. BONUS: Tips for cooking with kids, wildlife research projects, and a bird-identification section. See more birds and make birding even more interactive. Invite every birdy to your yard with a banquet of nutritious, homemade foods. Author: Porter, Adele.


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