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Xapron – Kansas – Leather apron Short


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You will find them especially in the hospitality industry in the trendy bistro tents, trendy coffee shops and in the service; we are, of course, talking about a short leather shoe. In contrast to a long leather apron, a short shoe gives a somewhat more playful effect, while maintaining the functionality of a leather hospitality apron. Product information Made from supple and flexible leather 100% handmade natural product with character Choose from 7 different types of leather and more than 21 different colors Metal and bronze hardware give the leather hospitality apron a rugged tough look Adjustable leather belt with 10 predrilled positions and buckle closure, which guarantees a good fit The standard size of the leather hospitality tray is 40 cm high and 60 cm wide Colors The Kansas short apron is available in the colors: Rust, Brown, Black and Blue.


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